COVID-19 Chronicles: The One With The Community College

As you all know, this year has been a special one. Over here in Portugal, we are encouraged to not leave our houses too much. And with me being an introvert, I have no problem with this whatsoever. At this point in time, I only have a high school diploma (with honors 😉). So I decided to take advantage of this time to complete an accelerated/compressed Associates Degree in Arts program at a community college back in the states. And it’s s t r e s s f u l.

How does it work?

Well, to put it simply, an Associates Degree requires 60 credits. Usually, you can complete these credits through 16-week courses over the span of 2 years (2 spring semesters, 2 summer semesters, and 2 fall semesters). That’s the norm.

I’m doing it in half the time.

I need to take the equivalent of 60 credits through 4-week courses over the span of 1 year (1 spring semester, 1 summer semester, and 1 fall semester). They recommend that I take the required courses during the spring and fall semester (where the 4-week courses are offered), meaning that I would be getting 51/60 credits out of the way before the summer semester. In the summer semester, I can take the remaining 9 credits with any course I want. They just have to be in a different format (meaning that they are a different length or are taken face-to-face). As of October 2nd, I am 26% of the way through. Due to COVID-19, the courses are favoring digital copies over physical copies of books. All of my books have been digital so far. I still use notebooks to take notes of points, phrases, and words that I think are important.

Here are some of the materials I use to take notes

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