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Counting the costs

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Last year, when our CO was visiting…. one of the topics was “goals.”  He suggested talking with brothers who had already successfully achieved the goal that you have.  So, if you want to Pioneer, talk to Pioneers.  If you want to go to Bethel, talk to Bethelites. Sound advice!

These interviews should have several components–covering topics that would show all of the little steps, or rungs in the ladder, that lead to the successful achievement of the goal.

So, we prayed about it, and decided to do just that.  Thus began our “interviews.”  We decided to conduct Needgreater interviews, as much as possible, on site… simply because a successful needgreater is by definition (actively) serving where the need is great.  It also seemed a good idea to primarily conduct interviews of the actual places we could see ourselves serving in, so Location interviews.