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Lisboa: Single sis

Q1: Joys & Challenges-How long have you been here and will you stay?

3 years. Applying for another 2 years. Wide variety in territory: Bengali, Nepali, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, etc.

Q2: Territory-Who makes it up & how do you find them?

All of Lisbon. All foreign languages not established as groups yet. Established groups or congregations include Russian, French, and others. They cover Spanish also in Lisbon for now. 1 time per month, they go to refugee center.

Q3: Other Foreign languages in the territory?

Many. She is learning Nepali now. Spanish speakers are hidden. Recommended we speak with a sister from NC who came and focused on Spanish speakers.

Q4: What’s the congregation like?

54 publishers. 5 Americans, 1 NZ, 1 AU. Those are the only native English speakers. 2 specials assigned, but to Nepali. 7 elders. 14 to 17 regular since people come and go.

Q5: How do you support yourself in the ministry?

Teaching English online. She started before leaving US. Starting rate can be $9/hr. If you start there, 18 hours/week will cover 1 person. 23 hours is more comfortable. Other option is tutoring online.

Q6: Where do Needgreaters live and how much do they spend?

T1 (1BR) is 450 – 550€. Used to be 350€. So 450€ is for not as nice, 550€ is nice. Rent unfurnished mostly but 2 Ikeas in town. Some will not rent to foreigners. She found an agency that does.

Q7: Do you need a car?

No. The Urban card includes all buses and metro for 35€60/month! You can buy a scooter with 1 year insurance for 1000€.

Q8: Other considerations, hints and our notes

Health care is free including everything at the dentist. You can buy up for 30€. Rents have gone up, but food costs have gone down.

VISA PROCESS: 1. Apply FROM THE US BEFORE COMING for the Schingen Resident visa. Email the Portuguese consulate in DC. This will cost about $200 and is good for 4 months. 2. In Portugal, you will renew this visa to extend your stay to the full year. This will cost 150€. 3. Renew your visa for 2 years. This is 150€. You need to show an active Portuguese bank account with a minimum 480€/month income or $5820 each in savings. Can have a guarantor send a notarized document from US instead.