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Portimao: Single sis & married sis

Q1: Joys & Challenges-How long have you been here and will you stay?

MS (From UK): “12 years. I love it. I’m not going back.”

Q2: Territory-Who makes it up & how do you find them?

UK expats, retired mostly but some younger. Not many Americans, but a couple.

Q3: Other Foreign languages in the territory?

MS: German. No Spanish except on vacation.

SS: large influx of French recently. Russians and Czecs as well.

Q4: What’s the congregation like?

English. People come and go, but currently 53 pubs, 5 pios, 3? Elders. They meet for service each day in a different town, which make up their extensive territory.

Q5: How do you support yourself in the ministry?

MS: Cleaning houses. Hubby established tech support business catering to needs of English speaking community.

Q6: Where do Needgreaters live and how much do they spend?

Apartments can be rented monthly for 350-400€ for 1BR/1Ba. 2BR/2Ba with pool and gym go for 600€.

Q7: Do you need a car?

Yes. 1 English congregation overlaps territory of 10 Portuguese. See Q5. Towns covered by Portimao Eng include Lagos, Avalo, for example. Rural areas included as Eng speakers can be anywhere. Buy used.

Q8: Other considerations, hints and our notes

Gasoline. It is very expensive here. 1 sis spent 50€ in 3 days. MS and hubby both have cars. Consider Eng since need in cong and in field.

Enjoy beautiful scenery while you preach!

For work, suggested taxes for Juan and Accounting for Rida.