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Portimao: Family of 3

Q1: Joys & Challenges-How long have you been here and will you stay?

Several years. Moved to help start a foreign language group. That is complete, so waiting for teen to finish school. May go into construction work next.

Q2: Territory-Who makes it up & how do you find them?

Germans only. Census with affiliated English congregation. Most expats live in one area. Those outside city can be spread out in houses. Be willing to change preaching methods. They preach to mostly tourists so no return visits.

Q3: Other Foreign languages in the territory?

English. Met 2 from South America during census!

Q4: What’s the congregation like?

German group associated with the English.

Q5: How do you support yourself in the ministry?

Wife: cleaning houses. Hubby: Job with a company. Teen: work study program.

Q6: Where do Needgreaters live and how much do they spend?

Couple just got a nice apartment built for expat market 600‚ā¨ including gym and pool. Recommend this type of place versus those built for locals. ¬†Construction is higher quality, no mold etc.

Q7: Do you need a car?

Yes. 4×4 due to terrain. Buy an old car.

Q8: Other considerations, hints and our notes

We could not find jobs at first.