Return to Needgreaters in Portugal

Sintra: Single sis

Q1: Joys & Challenges-How long have you been here and will you stay?

Congregation is excellent!!! They were expecting or anticipating them, and were warm and welcoming. There are no worries about meeting her hourly goals for preaching. There is variety in the ministry. You need to learn greetings in several languages. There is lots of walking. She already has a study after 1 month here.

Q2: Territory-Who makes it up & how do you find them?

Middle easterners, German expats, but no UK/US in this area. French and Thai are also included.

Q3: Other Foreign languages in the territory?

Russian, Romanian, Punjabi are established congregations.

Q4: What’s the congregation like?

40 pubs, mostly families but a few singles.  Only maybe 1 out of 10 are native speakers or fully bilingual.

Q5: How do you support yourself in the ministry?

Others are teaching English online, one through a Chinese company. If you get a TESOL certificate, there seems to be no issue getting work with these companies.

Q6: Where do Needgreaters live and how much do they spend?

450-550€ for a T2 if you are moving here. That is unfurnished. Short term, furnished are more expensive due to tourist area. The area near the hall is a touristic area.

Q7: Do you need a car?

Yes and no. Public transport is ok to get to territory. Brothers do offer to drive you. For distant territories, you will take the bus then walk. If you plan to live here, get a car. They are not expensive, but gas is.

Q8: Other considerations, hints and our notes

Cable + Internet + landline = 40-50€/ month. Add cell for 60€. Food is super cheap. 1 person per week cooking at home = 15€.

Laundrymats are expensive. 7-10€ to wash/dry load. So buy washer.