Our fav links

Along the way in our travels and research for our move, we’ve found some wonderful blogs, businesses and service providers. Some have inspired us, some have educated us, and some have helped make our dreams a reality. I promote what I love, so here are some of the best…


We found absolute gems of hotels via Booking.com.
I love the candid reviews and the rating system is true-to-life. Now, I am not taking about the star system, but the booking.com user ratings. We found this little independent hotel called Made Inn in Portimao. High user rating but only 2 stars. Extremely reasonable price… too good to be true? Turned out to be a phenomenal find! We also booked at White Hart in Hampshire, England… another amazing hotel. I am a true believer in the user ratings on this site. Use our link here for all your bookings (*here’s where the disclaimer goes… we love them so much, we’ve partnered with them. Using the link to book goes towards that overpriced tank of gas we need for the ministry ūüôā )





Two People in Spain

One of my favorite blogs! When I stumbled upon this site, I decided to start at the beginning of their journey since I was at the very beginning of mine. ¬†This couple was living in California, serving in French. ¬†They arranged their circumstances to move to Spain. ¬†I learned so much… and I’m only about a “year” in! One big tidbit I gleaned from this couple… ¬†I saw that they did not settle on a place to live until they were actually in Spain. After reading this blog, I later heard some horror stories from friends who’d rented sight-unseen based on internet postings. ¬†It was wise on their part to visit potential homes in person–I’ll be applying that. ¬†Stop by their blog and see what joy they are experiencing serving in the Foreign field in Spain.

Gringos Abroad

Another awesome site. The Canadian family that runs this blog moved to Ecuador. They stayed there for 2+ years, but just moved back to Canada due to a major health issue. The information I learned on this site has been invaluable. ¬†Here’s where I learned you can make a living by blogging. ¬†Brain walks you through the process step by step. The family has several sites with varying themes–all worth a look. Hopefully, they will be back in Ecuador soon!

Wagoners Abroad

North Carolina family of 4 packs it all up and move to Spain! The goals for the move is different, but this site… wow. Their candid budgets helped us to realistically count the cost of daily life in Europe. ¬†Of course, Spain is not Portugal. However, the close proximity and similarities in culture allow for a great basis for planning a move to Portugal. The family also did a 6 week European road trip and a stint in Southeast Asia. Check out this site for so much more. I admire the mom so much and am eternally grateful she shared their experience with us expats-in-the-making.

Family Blogs

Tales of a Wanderlust Kid

Of course… this one is my favorite! Check out my kid’s blog… a travel guide and journal from a kid’s point of view. Once we move, it will also become the “how to survive if your parents move you to a foreign country” guide!