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Remote work


Gone are the days of being tied to a desk… well, not quite.

Remote, or work-from-home/work online, jobs have been in the spotlight in recent years as some major companies have both introduced this option and/or closed this option for employees.  In the age of COVID-19, many employers were forced to take a step back and avail themselves of this option to keep their employees safe, and businesses afloat. Hopefully, in the post-COVID-19 era, this now-tested-and-proven work style will offered more. Some subcontractors work exclusively off-site via internet.  Fields such as IT support, Medical coding, Customer Service, Website or Graphic design seem to lend themselves to remote work, whereas some individual employees have negotiated an off-site role in a field that traditionally requires a physical presence at the job site.

For our purposes of supporting ourselves abroad, we polled mostly American expats and needgreaters in several countries around the world.  They have shared real-life experience in working online while living abroad.

Here are some resources:

1. UpWork, Inc.

As a Specialized online workplace, this company is the result of merging former ODesk and Elance companies.  The site unites Freelance professionals seeking online work with Business and Individuals offering employment or subcontract work.  Browsing through the jobs section of this site reveals a wide variety of opportunities as far as type of work, duration of assignment, and skill level required.  After creating a profile, you can post your experience and skills.  UpWork offers optional online testing for an objective confirmation of your skill sets.  The results can be added to your profile if desired.  Application for jobs is accomplished by submitting a proposal.  If you are hired, you can receive your payment via several options, including Paypal, check, and direct deposit.  As expats in the making, we love the variety of online payment options available.

2. Freelancer

Another great virtual job fair.  Register your profile and search the thousands of available jobs.  Some jobs are for a one-time contract, while others are long-term.  The variety of fields is wide, and for varying levels of expertise. Payment can be received directly to your bank account, Paypal account, or other options.

3. Open English

If you are a Native speaker of American English, this could be an option for you.  Experience in teaching is required, but many need greaters have enjoyed long term contracts with this online ESL school.  Teachers can be located anywhere, but you will need to commit to a schedule of classes.  The hours coordinate with the school schedule, and may be evening hours for US residents and later hours for other locations.  Apply via the website.

4. Tutor Group

Another online teaching school that is currently a wonderful option for need greaters worldwide. Requirements for teachers include TESOL/TEFL certification (at time of hiring or within a probation period), a university degree or teaching experience/working experience in other fields.
See the website for more details. A commitment to a set schedule is also required.

5. Indeed

The go-to Job Search Engine we’ve been using State-side is still the go-to Job Search Engine for finding Remote work.  In the “Where” box, type in “Remote” or “Work at home” to see available opportunities.  Easier still, we’ve set up the search for you.

Click here:


Here are a few current listings (click in the box to see more):




This is one of our favorite sites! The stated purpose of the site is to help needgreaters “start sooner, stay longer, and be more productive.” Register and then sign up for job postings or classified ads of interest. This site is an excellent resource for Remote jobs and much more!

We’ll add to this list as we learn of other resources.  In exploring these options, be sure to put it in prayer.  Remember the goal of supporting yourself in an overseas assignment– keep an open mind to new opportunities.

Update: May 2020….

As we’ve continued speaking with others, we have a few other sites to add to this list.  We’ve not done too much research on these, so I’ll just list the sites for your review! is a job board featuring remote work.  I was told jobs are added on Fridays. is another great resource.  This is a paid job board, but I have been told it’s worth it!

Golden Voice English is an online ESL website based in China.  They advertise North American teachers, so if you are American or Canadian… you may have an advantage if applying to teach english on this site.

EF (formerly Englishtown) is another online school through which you could teach english.  Several folks we’ve talked to have worked for them. I can’t wait to dig into this site more… there are thousands of ESL jobs at many schools listed right now.  Of course, I did not look to see how old the were etc.  The upside is you can also search by schools, so you will have lots of online and traditional schools listed.

Intel Worldwide if you’re looking for a full time teaching job in east Asia, including Russia.  This site is 2 fold, offering TESL courses and a job board for TESL certificate holders.

***New hotness!!! Check out Escape the City! It’s a refreshing online job search website.  The difference will become obvious to you after about 30 seconds on the site.  Read their back story, and you’ll want to be a part of this community.  Fill out the registration–I guarantee it will be like no other. This site is London based, but has a goal to help 1,000,000 people find fulfilling careers outside of the normal office environment–in jobs that make a difference. Wouldn’t it be great to be one of those 1,000,000?

***personal update… my negotiated work-from-home job ended after the company was purchased, so I began working for VIPKID. I have now been with them for almost 3 years. Amazing company! If you have a Bachelor’s Degree (in ANY field), are willing to get your TEFL/TESOL…. check out this company. Use my link to apply, and we will work together to navigate the application process. 

***ALSO there is an amazing email I signed up for. Look for: Rat Race Rebellion. They list full time jobs, as well as side gigs. Excellent resource!